The future of paint protection

Protect your pride and joy with the world leading Ngenco paint protection spray (PPS)

An invisible, durable and safe method of protecting your vehicle, Ngenco PPS acts as a second skin applied by a spray paint gun. The innovative formula offers protection to any part of a vehicle, providing 100% coverage to protect every nook and cranny.

Whether it’s your front bonnet and grille, which are the areas most vulnerable to everyday road debris, or wheels and side skirts, which also have to resist a surprising amount of damage over the course of time, you will have peace of mind from scratches, nicks, chips and debris.

Peelable colour change

Customise your vehicle with elaborate designs or simply wrap your vehicle entirely

Not only does Ngenco PPS offer crystal clear protection, you can also choose any colour, enabling you to customise your vehicle with elaborate designs, or simply change the colour of your car entirely, including wheels and callipers. And because Ngenco is peelable – you can revert back to your vehicles original finish with no damage to your existing paintwork.

Superior protection

Innovative, unrivaled formula

Ngenco PPS provides complete coverage and seamless protection across your vehicle. The finish is unparalleled, with high gloss and depth, and no rubber like texture or dull appearance.

There are no cuts or tears, no stress marks, no glue residue, and no UV yellowing and fading. This innovative, world leading formula is unrivaled through extensive, rigorous testing and product development, and will prevent any lasting damage to your vehicle’s paintwork and re-sale value. And the Ngenco team continually review the technology to ensure we are providing the best possible product for paint protection in the market.

Ngenco PPS is self-healing. When you encounter damage such as stone chips or scuffs, it disappears when heat is applied – this could be from hot water, the vehicle’s engine or the sun.

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